Gypsum - Paint

About us:

AFGM is a contracting company licensed and registered in Dubai since 2017. We offer quality work in construction and renovation for individuals and organizations in private and public sectors.
Our services covers most interior and exterior work of Gypsum, Painting, Carpentry, Flooring & Tiles, in addition to Cleaning. 
Corporate Mission:
Our mission is to maintain and progress professional standards by delivering contracted services in quality, time and budgets.
Corporate Vision:
Our vision is to innovate a wide range of efficient solutions that pursuit clients concepts in the field of decorative construction and renovation at a price they can afford.
"Brighter space for all",  AFGM


Gypsum board application for interior and exterior construction and renovation.


High quality paint work for decorative residential and commercial space of any color or technique.



We undertake all sorts of ‘domestic and commercial’ indoor and outdoor flooring & tile fixing.  


We provides all sorts of cleaning services for residential, commercial, and after construction.